Old Mill Therapies

Old Mill Lane

New Mill,


West Yorkshire, HD9 7LS

Tel: 01484 688596

E-mail: contact@tinamurray.co.uk


The Perfect Experience from Start to Finish

Using a blend of therapeutic deep-tissue massage techniques that go beyond relaxation, addressing the clients physical and emotional needs to heal the body and the mind.

Focusing on one area at a time using a series of long and short movements by using the forearm to work the tissues out whilst holding the pressure at the trigger points or knots as they more commonly known whilst getting the client to slowly breathe in and out as a way of releasing the tension allowing the body to rebalance. If necessary, increasing the pressure on stubborn knots, by specifically targeting them with the elbow. 

Then by lightening the strokes, inducing a sleep like state which stimulates the sensorial receptors which in turn help clear the body and mind of tension.

Therapy may include advanced sports stretching.

Perfect for overused muscles, lactic acid, piriformis, back ache, aching neck and shoulders.