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West Yorkshire, HD9 7LS

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The Ultimate in comfort

A massage therapy on warm, water filled cushions at 30-40 degrees. One cushion for the upper body and one for the lower, with a air filled bolster placed under the knees.  The combination of the three gives perfect spinal alignment. The client lies on their back for the complete duration of the treatment, no need to turn over half way through and no more uncomfortable face holes/cradles. My hands are placed between the clients body and cushions so the massage is carried out from underneath the clients body.


This massage is suitable for clients who are unable to lay on their fronts due to disabilities, mobility issues or surgery.  Or for clients who dislike lying on their fronts or being disturbed to turn over.


Perfect for overused muscles, lactic acid, back ache, aching neck and shoulders.


Choose from either a relaxing treatment or an advanced deep tissue.